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Calculation of the Consolidation Loan

 The calculation to define the amount and the installments of a loan for debt consolidation is carried out in two steps: in the first, the amount due for the early repayment of the debts to be consolidated is calculated (extinction count); in the second, on the indication of the installment desired by the debtor, the duration of the new loan is established.
The following tool allows you to have an indication of what the new installment will be if you consolidate your debts. The system makes a calculation that is based on the interest rates charged in most cases. Certain differences could be detected if commissions are requested for early repayment of old loans or preliminary investigation expenses for new ones. Despite this, the calculator can give an idea of ​​what can be done to reduce the weight of the monthly installment on the family budget and what the duration of the new one is based on the rates that will be offered to us.

  Amount rate% installment amount total duration (months) Installments paid
Loan n. 1          
Loan n. 2          
Loan n. 3          
Loan n. 4          
Loan n. 5          
Possible new additional liquidity  
Desired installment  
or as low as possible as possible  

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if it wants to act to reduce the weight of the loan installment, the only solution, to achieve consolidation in your situation, is the renewal of one of the two sales. The new capital obtained will in fact allow you to pay off the personal loan; if this capital was insufficient, it could still make a partial extinction to at least partially reduce the installment.
If, on the other hand, the terms for the renewal of the two sales have not expired, unfortunately no financial or bank could make further credit to you because in cases of missed payments the presence of the transfers would make it impossible to make a concrete action for credit recovery.

Calculation of the consolidation loan, its duration and any additional liquidity

Calculation of the consolidation loan, its duration and any additional liquidity

he has no room for maneuver with two foreclosures (assignment of the fifth and proxy); the financial company to which it requested consolidation could not take the risk given its serious indebtedness. He must think that if he does not pay the loan that unites the previous ones, no debt collection action would be possible, as his salary has already been reduced by two fifths for the other loans. The financial company, if you do not pay the installments, should wait for the natural termination of the assignment and delegation to request a new attachment and return to what is due to it.

with the situation of over-indebtedness which unfortunately finds itself the only possible maneuver would be a renewal of the sale of the fifth to obtain new liquidity and pay off at least part of the other debts. However, this will only be possible in 2018, at the end of the forty-eighth installment.

if in the consolidation loan you do not intend to add new liquidity then you have more chance of obtaining it. Otherwise, given your consistent exposure, the refusal would be practically taken for granted.

until the previous position will be remedied, you will not be able to access a loan again due to the reporting of unpaid installments that the loan will have made at CRIF.
The presence of the report in fact indicates that you, regardless of the reasons, are not a good payer and therefore no bank or finance company can run the risk of financing it.
The only loan that can be demanded in the condition of bad paid essione the sale of the fifth of the salary, but as a new employee is highly unlikely to be able to obtain it (regardless of other requirements to be verified).

A fundamental requirement for obtaining a loan (in general and therefore also for consolidation) , for you who has a VAT number, having concluded at least one fiscal year of activity, ie having presented at least one tax return (UNICO model). If you have this requirement, reduce your net income by 12 and you will have average monthly net income.
Using the calculation form on this page we can make a feasibility assessment.
First of all put the values ​​for loans still in progress.
Then in the “desired installment” set about 20% of your income and check if the system gives you the possibility of consolidation: if the desired installment is found to be too low here is that it would not allow you the calculation.
In the list of possibilities that will be returned to you, you will have to exclude the longest solutions from approximately 84 months upwards.
If there is a solution with a rate of around 11% – 12%, this may be feasible.
If you have difficulty doing the simulation please send us, with a new question on this same page and quoting “following question 5889”, all the data with which to fill in the form and we will make the calculation.