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Pensioner Loan


This category includes the assignment of the fifth of the INPS pension which allows maximum extensions up to ten years.

 The loan to pensioners is a credit instrument aimed at supporting the needs of a segment of the population, precisely pensioners, in strong numerical growth. It is reserved exclusively for those who have made contributions and consequently receive a pension from the INPS. The loan is of a personal nature: the reason for the request should not be stated, nor the intended use of the capital disbursed.


Characteristics of the INPS pensioner loan

Characteristics of the INPS pensioner loan

The loan consists of a fifth of the pension. In essence, the bank or financial institution that provides the loan will see the installments paid, monthly, directly from the INPS which will be withdrawn before crediting the pension. The result is a security for those who provide the credit linked to the existence of a guarantee (the pension) and to the automatic payment, which excludes any intention not to pay, or partially pay, by the obliged party. For the applicant instead the advantage lies in the evaluation of the correctness of the contract by the INPS, but above all of the INPS agreement with banks and financial institutions. This is an agreement aimed at assuring its pensioners the best possible rates (8.70% below 5000 euros, 7.80 above)
Some pensions (civil, social, or bank invalidity) and income support checks and those for the assistance of disabled pensioners remain excluded. 


Maximum limits of the amount payable

Maximum limits of the amount payable

Since the loan to retired INPS based on a fifth assignment, it goes without saying that the maximum amount of the installment cannot exceed the value of one fifth of the net pension. It should be noted, however, that the remaining part (or four fifths) must exceed the minimum Inps pension value.
example 1:

net pension received: 525 euros
fifth amount: 105 euros
remaining pension: 420 euros

In this case it is not possible to sell the whole fifth because 420 euros is less than the minimum pension. Therefore, only the value obtained by subtracting from the net pension of 525 euros the 443.12 of the minimum and therefore the transferable amount will be 81.88 euros (maximum loan installment).

example 2:
net pension received: 900 euros
fifth amount: 180 euros
remaining pension: 720 euros

In this case the maximum installment may be equal to the full amount of the fifth as the part of the remaining pension is higher than the minimum pension.